Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Malignancies and Immune System Development

Haematopoietic stem cells  reside in the medulla of the bone (bone marrow) and accept the unique capability to give rise to all of the disparate mature blood cell types and tissues. HSCs are self-renewing cells: when they separate , at least some of their daughter cells continue as HSCs, so the pool of stem cells is not depleted. In establish embryos, blood formation occurs in aggregates of blood cells in the yolk sac, called blood islands. As development advance, blood production occurs in the spleen, liver and lymph nodes.

lymphoid malignance:  Mature B-cell malignancies are entered often by errors in immunoglobulin gene variable–diversity–joining region recombination, somatic hyper mutation  and class-switch recombination that lead to chromosomal translocations. Dysregulation of the genes at the change breakpoints disrupts B-cell homeostasis by perturbing proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation.immune system development: Yet the immune system is almost immature at birth and has to evolve during a life of disclosure to multiple foreign challenges through childhood, via young and mature adulthood (including pregnancy), to the deterioration of old age

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