Immunodermatology studies skin as an organ of impunity in health and conditions. Several areas like print-immunology (goods of UV light on skin defense), seditious conditions like Hidradenitis suppurativa, antipathetic contact dermatitis and atopic eczema, presumably autoimmune conditions like vtiligo and psoriasis and eventually the immunology of microbial skin conditions similar as retrovirus infection and leprosy.

  • Cutaneous Dendritic Cells in Health and Disease
  • Photo immunology
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Non-melanoma Skin Cancer
  • Immunobiology & Immune-Based Therapies
  • Drug Eruptions
  • Immunodermatology & Viral Skin Infection
  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
  • Allergic Urticaria
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus
  • Pemphigoid Spectrum
  • Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita
  • Immunoglobulin Dermatitis
  • Advances in Immuno-Dermatology

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    April 04-05, 2024

    38th International Conference on Immunology

    Madrid, Spain
    May 23-24, 2024

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